iPhone USB Syncing and Tethering in Ubuntu 9.10

Last night I decided to play around with iPhone syncing on my Ubuntu laptop. I followed the tutorial on FatButtLarry's blog and everything worked peachy. However, after installing the new repository and the package libimobiledevice, libiphone0 was removed and blocked by a few other packages. (This is normal as imobiledevice replaces iphone0.)

If you also use your iPhone to tether over USB with itunnel then you're out of luck because the application requires libiphone0. But, thanks Jingsu, the itunnel download includes the source. And it's very easy to recompile itunnel with libimobiledevice support. I've included the simple instructions below for those that want to do it themselves, if you just want to download the patched itunnel it's included at the bottom. (Also: here's the original tutorial about how to get tethering working using itunnel.)

First install the required development packages:

sudo apt-get install libusb-dev libimobiledevice-dev

Then modify the Makefile for itunnel and replace -liphone with -limobiledevice for the LDFLAGS variable. You can also download the included patch and apply with with:

tar xf itunnel-0.0.9.tgz
cd itunnel
<download patch file to this directory>
patch -i itunnel-0.0.9.patch

You should see "patching file Makefile".

Finally, recompile itunnel with:

make clean

You can also just download/extract/run the itunnel-0.0.9_imobledev.tar.gz attached below.

[Download: itunnel.patch]
[Download: itunnel-0.0.9_imobiledev.tar.gz]