Dual VPNing and why ICMP is a Friend

The security lab I've been developing is located on my university's campus network. If I want to work from home (which I did this week), I need to VPN on to campus. If I then want to work within the security lab I need to VPN on to the lab. I call this dual VPNing! For both VPN connections I opt out of using the VPN as my gateway. So essentially I utilize the campus VPN for a secured connection to my security lab VPN server, then the security lab VPN to access the lab NAT. This leaves my innocent laptop with quite a large routing table, but she's a trooper and doesn't complain.

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Interesting Shorewall Logs

I've been messing around with centralized syslogs and I found one of my boxes logging MBs of "kernel" information. :O The problem started when I moved all the boxes to syslog-ng. It turned out that the intense logging was a repeated 2 or 3 lines. I searched for the particular log and couldn't find much, so I hope this helps anyone else in a similar position.

The log entries come in the form of BANDWIDTH_IN and BANDWIDTH_OUT, prefixed by kernel: [time.inseconds].

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Dependency Problem Installing sun-java6-plugin

The other day I tried to use a Java applet in my Chromium Browser on Ubuntu 9.10. The other day I found out I didn't have the java plugin. I also had a bit of trouble installing the plugin package for Firefox/Chromium/Chrome. You can check the plugins loaded in Chromium/Chrome by typing the following into the URI bar:

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