Online filesystem or disk changes on embedded hardware

This is a tiny log of my experience expanding an `ext4` filesystem on an embedded system that had no alternate boot option. This situation is very nuanced. If you are here because you need to make filesystem or disk changes your best course of action is to boot from a LiveUSB/CD.

I moved very fast when making theses changes. There may be an easier and more efficent method, if you know one, please reach out to me!

Goal: Unmount the root filesystem and make structural changes without rebooting.

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Embedded Trust (P1): Beginning to trust my BeagleBone

I plan to have a series of posts outlining my curiosity with embedded development and trust. Let's start with poking around where my (our) trust lies when deciding on a SoC for embedded development, using the BeagleBone [SRM] as an example. In this post we'll move trust from CircuitCO's (the Bone manufacture) included bootloaders, Angstrom Linux kernel, and Angstrom development environment to your own compiled bootloaders, kernel, and OS.

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